Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Touching on the Marathon, plus Stella's Special Delivery

The marathon has come & gone. It was uneventful, in the sense that there was no violence, no chaos, no hate. In this sense, it was nothing like last year. 

This year's marathon, instead, gave us the first American winner in over 30 years. It gave us triumph, both as a City and as individuals. We ran, we spectated, we overcame fears. It was a beautiful, victorious day.

On me: t-shirt from Old Navy.  For those that don't speak mirror (see also, I forgot the words would be backward when taking the photo), it says "Something Beautiful is on the Horizon."  Bag courtesy of the Lady Project Summit

Our friends at PetBox sent Stella a delightful package last week filled with goodies. Treats, a doggie photograph book, a bag holder that attaches to the leash - a whole lot of fabulousness for my furry friend.

PetBox is a monthly subscription-based service that delivers premium pet products directly to your doorstep.  The great thing about PetBox is that it offers services for both dogs and cats, customizing toys & treats by your pets size, and orders are shipped within two business days.  

Why Stella & I love PetBox:
- all products are made in the good ole' US of A
- for every purchase, PetBox feeds rescue animals with the help of Bogo Bowl, with the huge shipment of dog & cat food sent to rescue shelters being selected by PetBox fans every Friday

Head over to PetBox to find out more about a subscription for your pet or sending a gift subscription to the pet lover in your life!

Our friends at PetBox provided products for review, but the opinions here are solely my own.  This post is not sponsored in any way by Old Navy, the Boston Marathon, or any of their affiliates. .


  1. Love that shirt! I had to work on Marathon Monday but i couldn't be more glad that it was uneventful.

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