Monday, April 28, 2014

Closet Cleanout

Inspired by the acts of Gretchen Rubin in The Happiness Project (I highly recommend!), who cleared out clutter to boost energy, I've been tackling my own space.  In the hopes of inspiring you to clear out your own closet, a few tips ...

Source: Nestled
Create three piles right from the start - one to donate, one to sell, and one to outright throw away.  As you sort through your items, think have I worn this in the last year?  If you can't say yes to this, it might be time to say goodbye.

Caveat - some things are OK to hold on to for sentimental reasons (or, even if it's not OK, I do it, so I am giving you the same pass).  That t-shirt from college or the dress you wore to graduation?  If you have the space, go ahead & tuck them away.

What do you trash?  Under garments, stained or well-worn pieces.  Anything that you wouldn't offer to a friend should be tossed.

What should you donate?  Any items in good condition, especially if they are seasonal.  Research local shelters or aid groups in your area.  For example, Dress for Success provides professional attire (along with support and career services) to disadvantaged women.  This is a great way to clear your space for new items and feel great about parting with those much loved pieces.

What can you sell?  Anything that is in great condition, especially if it is designer.  But don't immediately toss something aside if it's not high end.  Visit your local consignment shop to find out their qualifications, or check out an online shop.  My favorite for quick, easy cash is ThredUp.

An alternative to donating or selling that's becoming oh so popular lately is swapping.  Gather your lady friends, pop open some wine, and lay out the goods - everyone can sort through, take home what they like, and whatever is remaining when the fun is over can be donated.

Love the idea of a clothing swap?  Join me this Thursday at 6pm at Wild Rover for a Closet Cleanout benefiting the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  $20 with 5 items to swap (or $25 empty handed).  Must be 21 & even the gents are welcome - purchase tickets through Eventbrite.

This event is sponsored by my girl Loren Raye (she's fabulous - listen to her!) and the delightful & amazing ladies of the BOS Lady Project.  And because these gals are so generous, they are offering a one year membership to the Lady Project to one lucky reader.  Enter to win below.  The only catch? This giveaway is quick! Ends this Thursday at midnight so enter now!


  1. A swap is such a cute idea! Good luck at the event!

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