Thursday, February 6, 2014

Olympic Fever

While I have fond memories of watching the Team USA gymnasts and the ice skaters perform while I was young, I have not been all that excited about the upcoming events.  Maybe it's due to the constant emphasis on the possible terror attacks - while obviously important, it takes the wind out of sails of the "the-whole-world-is-uniting" message.

The kids, however, are super into this.  And once E got over the disappointment that "No - there are no gymnastics in the Winter Olympics" and "No - Gabby Douglas will not competing," it totally hit.  We officially have Olympic fever in this house.

Although terribly difficult to photograph, we created a fun way to track the Team USA medals.

We created the rings by using paper (a regular pack of construction paper has all of the colors you'll need, including black).

Trace a large circle on a piece of paper in each color.  To make a perfect circle, I used a stand that I have displaying a decoration.

Cut out your rings (ours are about 3/4 inch wide) and cut each of them open in one spot (so you can link them).  Glue the rings together, overlapping as shown below.  Hide the spot where you cut each one open by gluing it under the overlapping ring.
Photo: Source
We then glued our rings on a piece of shiny gold paper (hence the difficulty photographing) and hung on the wall.  Labeled under the rings is a spot for Gold, Silver, & Bronze medals.  Each time Team USA wins a medal, the kids will write who won and for what competition on one of the circles they cut out (using a soup can to keep the circles the same size) and paste it on the gold paper under the appropriate label.

An alternative would be to use gold, silver & bronze paper to create the medals themselves.  Or, if you are looking for a way to track the medals that it is a bit less labor-intensive, check out Jill's Olympic Medal Tracker printable.

We are using the Medal Alert iPhone app to keep up to speed on when Team USA wins a medal.

Will you be watching any of the Olympics?  Which games are you most excited for?

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  1. That's so cute that the kids are excited. It is a shame that all these terroristic threats are in the air - I hope nothing happens and pray that everyone is safe there. =\ On another note not sure if you watched on NBC last night 'How to Raise an Olympian' but my friend was the assistant producer to that show and I thought her team did an outstanding job. It's truly amazing to see the lengths these athletes go to become the best in their respective sports. Truly honorable and astonishing. Happy Thursday Kerri! -Iva

  2. What a cute craft for the kids. The terror threats are really frightening. I do like the Luge, ski jumping, and figure skating. One of the Olympus Figure skaters trained in my town. So cool.

  3. I absolutely love the Olympics, but my husband is undeniably bored by them no matter if it's winter or summer. I can't wait until we have kids so I can encourage them to cheer on the Games with me!


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