Thursday, August 23, 2012

crayon t-shirt designs.

i said that i wanted to do this back in june
but the chaos of the summer didn't allow it until recently.

such a fun project, 
many thanks to alpha mom for sharing!

start with a plan white t-shirt (or tank top).
have the kids color designs on sand paper.
the more coarse the paper, the more texture the design will have ...
we used coarse paper.
yes, this does ruin the crayons
(& yes, i was cringing the entire time).
as always, i recommend high quality (crayola) crayons for this project.

when the design is ready, place a piece of cardboard inside of the shirt
to prevent the color from transferring through the front of the shirt.
remember that the design will be backwards, so letters need to be drawn that way!
place the design face down on the shirt, & cover with a paper towel.
iron the design on the cotton setting for about 30 seconds.

slowly peel off the sand paper ...
if the design isn't transferring, iron some more.
when you are satisfied with the design, remove the sand paper &
place a paper towel over the design - iron for another several second to remove any extra wax.

put the shirt in the dryer by itself for about 20 minutes to set the color,
and wash it by itself the first time you wash.


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